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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How can I let Browchure create my brochure?
Browchure operates automatically. You can upload a PDF version of your brochure and it will be created free of charge. Please notice that when you start publishing it will be charged.
Why is the creation of a brochure for free and elsewhere very expensive?
We don't charge for the creation of a brochure because we have automated the process. Apart from that we believe that it should be possible to publish a brochure for a shorter period of time.
How can I display the brochure on my website?
Via the menu 'My Brochures' you can open your brochure. Under the button 'Publish' you will get more specific instructions to display it on your webpages. This can be done in many different ways.
What are the costs to publish my brochure?
This will depend on the 'period' of publication. The longer you publish, the more discount.
Is it possible to change my browchure after paying?
Yes, it's possible to replace your browchure at any moment with a new version. So you are for example able to replace your browchure every week with a new version.
What are the terms of the PDF file?
Browchure supports alot of different PDF documents. You can upload files to a maximal filesize of 200Mb. Also you can upload multiple files one by one or in a compressed ZIP package. However there are two points you need to take into consideration:

  • The PDF should not contain spreads.
  • The PDF should not contain printer's marks.
What is a PDF?
PDF stands for portable document format. It is interchangeable, platform independent and keeps fonts, images and layout unaffected [more info].
My document was made in a different format, for example Word, now what?
It does not have to cost much effort to convert a file to PDF. Many operating systems have a special PDF printer driver pre-installed. You can simply print your document to this 'printer' and the PDF file will be created for you. If you don't have access this feature you can find software for this on internet. For example WinPDF.
I already have a brochure but no usable PDF, what could I do?
You could contact the party who made the brochure, it should be a small job to export it to PDF format. Be warned that they sometimes try to charge you for more then the effort. In case you have a PDF document that is hard to convert, please contact us.
Is the hosting of the brochure included?
Yes, it is included in the page balance costs and based on a Fair-Use policy.
Can my brochure be hosted at a third party?
No, this will not be possible. We provide the necessary code to in integrate your Browchure into your website. The visitor cannot even tell the brochure was loaded from our website.
Is it possible to make web-links in Browchure?
Yes, links wich are working in the PDF, also work in Browchure. To active a link you have to double-click.
What do you mean with Fair-Use?
Browchure was intentionally made for small and mid-sized business. We assume that the brochure will be requested 10 to 100 times a day. If this limit exceeds for a short period of time, no big deal! But if you want to publish your brochure to a greater audience, please contact us.
I have alot of brochures to publish, do you have any special terms for those?
Yes, we have. If you want to publish more then 10 brochures for a longer period of time, you can get a special discount. Make sure to contact us.
Is it possible to disable the shadow effect in the middle of the pages?
Yes, if you put a # in front of the browchure name the shadow will not be displayed. You can edit the browchure name via the edit browchure link.
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