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How Browchure works

Browchure operates automatically. The only thing you need is a PDF file of your browchure, manual or other document. When prefered you can use a single PDF file that contains all of the pages. Browchure doesn't support spreads and printer's marks.

Send your PDF file via the upload form to

Click on the 'Create new brochure' button in the left blue coloured box, from there you send your brochure to our systeem (form upload). When your presentation is subdivided into multiple PDF files you can select those files with the 'Browse' button and send them over with just a single click. It is also possible to send your files as a zip compressed package. Whenever you are ready with the selection of the appropriate documents you can click the 'Send file(s)' button. An upload window will appear with the progress of your upload. Don't close it unless the process was completed. Of course you can use another browser window or tab meanwhile.

Your brochure will be automatically generated

After your files have been successfully received they will be processed invisible by the system. At the time that the upload is done you can navigate around our website normally again. In the left column you can find the status of your brochure. The current page will be displayed there. Depending on the complexity and the number of pages of your brochure, this process can take a couple of seconds to a couple of minutes.

View your brochure immediately and publish it if you like the results

You can find your new page in the 'My Brochures' box and you can click on it to display. The brochure is only viewable for the authenticated person. When you are ready to publish the brochure on your website you can press the 'Publish' button.

There are many different ways for publishing, click here
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