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Browchure Pricing

The creation of a browchure

The production of a browchure is free of charge. You can create a free account, which you can use to create, view and manage your browchures.

Publication Costs

Only from the moment you start publishing the browchure on your own website, you start paying a small amount. You decide for which period you whish to publish your browchure. This is already possible from 1 week, until 1 year.

It is possible to replace a browchure online at any moment, without costs!

The first time you can even publish a brochure of choice for a 3 days test-period at no cost at all.

A few days before expiration you will receive a e-mail reminder, which enables you to extend the publication period.


Depending on the country where you are established and the availability of a valid VATnumber, 21 percent VAT may be applicable.


You will receive an invoice with VAT specification by e-mail, after the payment is succesfull.

Payment methods

We offer secure payment by creditcard
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